How to Upload Your Photo

When you purchase a caricature from Get My Caricature our system will automatically create a ticket for you in our system. Uploading your photo to our system is easy. You can take the following Steps.

Step 1:

Purchase your caricature design. This process must be completed first in this process the ticket will be created automatically.


Step 2:

Be on the lookout for an email from us with information about the ticket that was just created. You may need to add the email address to your safe list:


Within the email that you received you’ll find a link to our ticket system and you’ll find the ticket ID that was assigned to your ticket.


You should also have a link in the same email that will take you to our ticket system login.


The link will take you to a screen that looks like this:


Step 3:

Post your message and upload your photo.

There is a large field for you to type instructions about what you would like to include in your caricature design. There is also a button to the right that will allow you to include a photo for upload.


When you click on the button to upload your photo, you will need to find it on your computer. In most cases your photo will be in a folder that is called “My Pictures”. Many times it will be in a sub folder there. You’ll need to find it on your computer first in order to select it.


Once you have typed the message with your details and have selected your photo, then you can click the button that says “Reply to Message”.

Step 3:

You’ll see that your message and your photo have now become part of your ongoing ticket with Get My Caricature.


If we have any question about your instructions or need clarification we will post a message for you here.

Each message that gets posted here will generate an email message to you. All messsages will include a link that will take you directly to the login page.

You may also simply reply to any of the messages that are sent to you. However, you cannot include an image to an email reply. You must login to the sytem first and use the button to upload a photo.